Campbell's Well Yes Soup

In early 2016 we were approached by esteemed branding agency Bulldog Drummond about a project they were working on with Campbell’s soup, developing an entirely new line of healthy soup alternatives called “Well Yes”. At the time, the project was internal and it wasn’t certain that the soup, brand, or images would ever see the light of day. The label design was a departure from anything Campbells had done before. The goal was not only to stand apart from their classic line of soups, but also from all other brands on the shelf, by including images of the nutrient dense ingredients front and center in a bold and joyful way. Jorgensen and his team of stylists and assistants were tasked with shooting individual ingredients and overhead soup images for 8 unique varieties that would be used for testing, and potentially for final retail packaging. Everything came together as the project was green-lit, and the soups hit the shelves in late 2016. The brand was an immediate success as it surpassed $47 million in sales in its first year. Jorgensen was later tasked with shooting an additional 12 varieties of “Well Yes” soups, plus an offshoot brand of sipping soups with 8 varieties. Today, these soups and Jorgensen’s images can be found on shelves at major grocery stores across the country.

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