15 years ago, Andrew received a response from an unsolicited email sent to the Coachella Music & Arts Festival that would change his life forever. He secured credentials to shoot his first festival ever, which also happened to be the first major music festival he had ever attended.  That weekend in 2007 would alter the course of Jorgensen’s life and career, securing him a position on the in-house media team of North America's premiere Music & Arts Festival, which he maintains to this day. During the countless weekends spent on the polo fields at Coachella, Jorgensen developed a style of live event photography that captures the immense scale of the event, the unique experiences of the attendees, and the natural beauty of the location. Working directly with lead producers of the festival, Andrew has been granted the highest level of access to create jaw-dropping images that help tell the story of the festival in its entirety. His images can be seen in festival booklets, social media outlets, advertising campaigns, documentary films, and coffee table books. After several years on Coachella’s team, Jorgensen was able to parlay his experience into positions on in-house teams for many of North America’s top festivals, including Bonnaroo, Outsidelands, Burning Man, and more. He shoots over a dozen festivals a year and always strives to capture the unique spirit of each event. To see more of his festival work, visit

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